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Professional Consulting

Professional consulting with an experienced CPA can save you from the headaches and pitfalls that come with researching your own solutions. Get solid and well informed answers to your specific questions so you can save time and move forward quickly.  The price for a consultation is customized to your needs; the minimum consultation price for a client who is new to our firm is $350.

New Business Consulting

If you don’t know an LLC from a DBA, a new business consulting session can point you in the right direction.  We can review together the steps needed to get your business set up correctly with the IRS and your state so you can move forward with confidence.

Hourly Tax Consulting

Are you tired of Googling your tax questions, searching through page after page of contradictory answers, none of which mirror your specific situation?  A tax consulting session to answer YOUR questions about YOUR situation could be the perfect solution for you.