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Tax Planning

Proactive tax planning keeps money in your pocket to use for your goals. But what is tax planning?

Tax planning is the process of estimating your future federal and state tax liabilities and looking at strategies to reduce those tax liabilities. It may involve looking at only one year (such as the current year or next year) or a number of years.

Tax planning can be as simple as helping you decide whether to contribute to an IRA or as complex as helping you structure multi-million dollar business transactions.

Pricing for tax planning depends on your needs. If you are self-employed or have a small business, check out the packages page for tax preparation + planning pricing packages.

Tax Planning Process


You will sign an engagement letter and upload documents/information (such as recent paystubs, estimates of business revenue and expenses, info on stock sales, etc.) that I specifically request from you.


I will prepare an income tax projection to estimate your federal and state tax liabilities.


We will meet via video chat* to review the tax projections and discuss strategies available for you to reduce your tax liabilities.

*in person meetings available if you are local to Northern Colorado

I will send you a copy of your tax projections as well as a list of your action items to implement the tax strategies we discuss.

You may benefit from tax planning if you have one of the following situations.

The last thing most solopreneurs and small business owners want to deal with is their taxes.  However, taking the time to do some forward-looking tax planning can save you thousands in tax dollars, as well as reduce your stress and save you time at tax filing time.  

Shifting from working to retirement typically means a shift in your tax situation as well. Tax planning can help reduce uncertainty and keep more of your hard earned money working for you. 

If your employer offers equity compensation benefits such as stock options, restricted stock units, or the possibility to participate in an employee stock purchase plan, understanding the tax consequences of these benefits can feel overwhelming.  Tax planning around your equity compensation package can help give you the confidence you need to make the best choices.  

Major life events often have major tax effects.  If you’ve recently experienced one or more of the following, you may benefit from tax planning. 

  • Death in the family/inheritance
  • Marriage/combining households
  • Divorce
  • Buying into or exiting a business
  • Sale or purchase of real estate (home, second home, investment property)
  • Move to a new state
  • Child entering college
  • Disability or major illness